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Air separator


The air flow separator makes the materials into the machine through the wind suction buoyancy effect, on the different specific gravity and different granular material suction buoyancy, and the gravity of the material and other effective, the different specific gravity of the material and the same material particle size, shape of the different, the specific gravity separation. The wind sucks away the specific gravity small, the particle size small or receives the wind the area big thin piece of material, passes through the collector and the dust collector to collect the dust back outside the machine, compares the material which the important material and the same kind of material receives the wind small material to discharge from the other end of the machine.


Model Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Capacity(Kg/H)
QZ-600 4.6 300 300-600
QZ-800 5.5 500 600-800
QZ-1000 7.5 800 800-1000
QZ-1200 11 1000 1000-1200


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