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QZ-JD500 Electostatic separator


Energy conservation and environmental protection type of JD500 electrostatic separator is our company and China Electrostatic Association which designed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign various separation technology to developed it. Through many years of practice, the separation rate is reach up to 99%, impurity level is less than 1%, and have no secondary pollution.
This equipment can be used to separate all kinds of metals and plastics and any other non-metals, such as PCB board, cables, aluminum and plastic, etc.

2)Product Characteristics:

1. High sorting accuracy;
2. Simple operation and easy maintenance;
3. Small footprint and convenient movement.

3)working principle

Electrostatic separation is to use the difference of electrical properties of materials in the high-voltage electric field to achieve the purpose of separation. When the materials are brought to the high-voltage electric field by corona electrode through the rotating drum, the materials are reused by various electric power, centrifugal force and gravity. Due to the different electrical properties and stress states of various materials, the trajectory of materials falling is different, so the mixture of metal and nonmetal is separated.

Principle of electrostatic air separator

4) Equipment parameter

Model Dimension(MM) Main motor(KW) Vibration motor(KW) Electrostatic generator(KW) Output(T/H)
JD500 2000MM×1400MM×1700MM 4KW 0.25KW 2.0-3.5KW 0.3-05T/H

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