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16-2500mm PE high speed high efficiency extrusion solution

PE pipe application:

polyethylene is now in widespread use in many industries particularly industrial piping systems, including underground gas and water pipelines, where it is the dominant material.

The PE pipe production line uses high-efficiency extruders for special HDPE and PP pipes. The screw adopts a large length to diameter ratio of L/D1:38 with a barrier and a mixing head structure, which can make the molten material 100% plasticized before entering the die. The barrel adopts a new spiral groove barrel, which has good plasticizing and mixing effects, can increase the extrusion volume by 30% and is very stable!

PE high speed high efficiency extrusion factory

PE water pipes are made of polyethylene as raw material and are extruded by a plastic extruder at one time. They are used in urban water supply pipe networks, irrigation water diversion projects and agricultural sprinkler irrigation projects. They are especially suitable for plastic pipes that are resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion. Because the PE pipe adopts hot melt and electric heat melt connection, it realizes the integration of the interface and the pipe, and can effectively resist the hoop stress generated by the pressure and the axial impact stress, and the PE pipe does not add heavy metal salt stabilizers, and the material is not It is poisonous, does not scale, does not breed bacteria, and avoids secondary pollution of drinking water.


1、The optimum spiral bush highly improves the output of extruder
2、Accurate temperature control system ensures material melting performance
3、Unique screw design achieves better plasticizing and high quality products
4、Precisely designed gearbox with a high torsion guarantees stable running
5、H sharp frame to decrease vibrating of extruder
6、Advanced PLC operation system realizes synchronization and high quality products
7、Adopt automatic water temperature &level control and special independent filters on both vacuum and cooling tanks
8、Offer stable haul-off unit with 2-12 caterpillars
9、Provide saw &chip free cutting options
10、Low energy consumption, excellent performance, and easy maintenance 

PE applation case

Model Pipe range(mm) Extruder model Extruder motor power(kw) Max.Output(kg/h)
QZD-63 Φ20-63 QZD60/38 90 450
QZD-110 Φ20-110 QZD60/38 110 500
QZD-160 Φ40-160 QZD60/38 110 500
QZD-250 Φ50-250 QZD75/38 160 680
QZD-400 Φ160-400 QZD90/38 250 1000
QZD-630 Φ280-630 QZD90/38 280 1100
QZD-800 Φ315-800 QZD120/38 315 1300
QZD-1200 Φ500-1200 QZD120/38 355 1400
QZD-1600 Φ1000-1600 QZD90/38&QZD90/38 250+250 2000
QZD-2000 Φ1000-2000 QZD90/38&QZD90/38 280+280 2200

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