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Is shredder equipment capable of crushing all kinds of waste

The shredder equipment can shred and shred a variety of waste materials, and it is now widely used. The early shredder equipment cannot be diversified, but too many waste materials need to be shredded, so I thought of improving the working principle of the shredder to see if the shredder equipment can be applied. Shredding of various materials.

shredder equipment
After the technical improvements of various manufacturers, the current shredders are driven by dual-axis power, and the model specifications of the equipment have also been improved. The current shredder equipment has been able to shred many materials. For the operation of different materials, different types of shredders are required. The main reason is that the power of the shredder and the structure and material of the blade need to be changed according to the nature of the material. Therefore, when purchasing the shredder equipment At that time, the shredder you choose is also specific to the material to be shredded. You must understand the types of materials it can handle.

Shredder equipment has been developed to the present, is it possible to find suitable shredder equipment for all waste materials? This is not the case. Although the shredder can handle many types of materials, there are still many materials that cannot be processed by the shredder. The working principle of the shredder is to rely on the tooth bite force of the blade to perform the shredder operation with multiple materials. The bitten material will be cut by the blade, and then the material will be discharged in the gap between the blades to complete the shredding process. The principle of operation is very simple. The material to be shredded cannot be operated without the structural conditions of the blade. The volume of the material is too large to allow the teeth to bite at all, and it will run idly above the blade but cannot work. The thickness of the material is too large. The shredder is shredded by the shearing force of two sets of blades. After shredding, the material will be discharged along the gap between the blades. The size of the gap is fixed. If the thickness is too large, there is no way to discharge it in the gap, and the equipment will be stuck. Although the equipment now has an automatic reverse protection device, the long-term working condition will cause excessive resistance of the cutter shaft and damage it.

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