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Recommended by manufacturers of better quality plastic shredder

The plastic shredder is composed of a shredding mechanism, a support frame, a recycling station and a cart. The specifications of the machine and equipment are determined by the size of the material and the output of the material. The internal design of the plastic shredder has a filter device. When the plastic shredder is in normal operation, the filter has the effect of separating materials and liquids, and reasonably recycles the remaining liquid on the glass bottle. For example, when the car gasoline bottle is broken, the residual car gasoline should be reasonably separated and purchased. Features and advantages: thick and solid motion, high crushing efficiency, all of which are made of carbon steel, and the long frame plate is only thick during the firm service life, and it can resist high torque and is very strong. Select the fully intelligent PLC automatic control system, set up the starting, stopping, turning and overweight automatic turning operations.

plastic shreder

The use and advantages of custom shredders:
1. Shred the unqualified or discarded commodities into smaller pieces to facilitate crushing;
2.The customized shredder can reduce the volume of raw materials that are not produced and processed to facilitate mixing with other materials;
3.The customized shredder can shred organic chemical substances to make biological pellet fuel;
4.The customized shredder can shred some waste plastic raw materials to facilitate re-plastic processing applications, such as car tire crushing;
5. The metal material two-axis shredder mainly combines motorcycle diesel engine casings, color steel roofs, car oil filters, oil drums, paint drums, car casings, coke bottles, metal material drums, refrigerators, scrap steel, steel Forcing metal materials such as wood furniture to shred, the metal

shredder can also shred and shred tires, large and medium-sized PE pipes and other plastics. It is a metal material shredding machinery and equipment with a wide range of applications and functions.
Application field of two-shaft shredder for metal materials
The metal material two-axis shredder is suitable for shredding large and medium-sized hollow materials and various mixed wastes, which are very metal material wastes, or pre-shredded wastes with fine sand, which are very easy to damage the CNC blade. This type of metal material shredder uses a fully intelligent (PC) automatic control system, equipped with starting, turning, stopping and overweight automatic turning operations. This structure has the advantages of low speed, large torque, low noise, etc., suitable for shredding Oversized, over-thick and hard-to-break metal waste materials, such as bicycles, automatic washing machines, televisions, small and medium-sized pipe fittings, pipes, electric forklift pads, tires, refrigerator casings, paint buckets, etc.

Qizheng Machinery Equipment is a professional manufacturer of shredder machinery and equipment. It provides customers with various models and specifications of shredder machinery and equipment. It can also tailor-made for customers according to customer requirements. Machinery and equipment, all models and specifications of Qizheng shredder are all spot transactions, and the order can be delivered at noon in the morning.

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