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Which brand of double shaft shredder is good

Shanghai Qizheng Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of dual-shaft shredders. The dual-shaft shredder produced by Qizheng uses the principle of shearing between two relatively rotating knives to crush materials. Adopting "dual motor dual planetary reducer", strong power and high running stability. It is often used in environmental protection fields such as municipal solid waste treatment, resource regeneration, and waste incineration pretreatment. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high shear force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability.

double shaft shredder
The main purpose of the double-shaft shredder is to shred the unqualified products into smaller pieces for recycling. Reduce the volume of unprocessed raw materials mixed with other materials. Double-shaft shredders are widely used in many shredding fields, such as shredding large pieces of garbage, household garbage, fruit and vegetable kitchens, medical garbage, light metals, paper mill ropes, industrial hazardous waste, organic garbage, animal shredding, and confidential document destruction.

Advantages of Qizheng double shaft shredder

1. Unique tool design, easy to maintain and replace
Imported alloy steel is used as the raw material of the tool, which has a long service life and good interchangeability, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of the tool later.
2. High spindle strength, strong fatigue and impact resistance
The main shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel. After many heat treatments and high-precision processing, it has good mechanical strength, strong fatigue and impact resistance, and long service life.
3. Imported bearings with multiple combined seals
Imported bearings and multiple combined seals, high load resistance, long service life, dustproof, waterproof and dirt-proof, ensure continuous and stable operation of the machine.
4. The overall knife box design is stable and reliable
The overall tool box is annealed after welding to ensure better mechanical strength; at the same time, the use of CNC processing plants ensures higher processing accuracy, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and saves maintenance costs.
5. The fixed knife is independently detachable and has strong wear resistance
Each fixed tool can be disassembled and installed independently, and can be disassembled quickly in a short time, which greatly reduces the workload of workers and improves the continuity of production.

Qizheng has a complete and effective service system to provide customers with targeted scheme design, site planning, installation guidance, professional and industrial technical training and other comprehensive services. The customer's intelligent file service system based on Internet technology realizes remote monitoring of customer equipment usage status, which makes technical services more convenient and efficient, and reduces failure losses.

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