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Which steel scraps can be shredded using a metal shredder

A metal shredder is a device for shredding metal materials. The user must purchase a metal shredder for coarse metal materials, so can all metal materials be processed by a metal shredder? This is not the case. First, we must know that the shredder handles thin and light materials, and heavy materials are not acceptable. If the material is forced to be cut, it will only damage the shredder blades and shafts. Then we need to know those Are metal materials suitable for the work of metal shredders?

metal shredder

The need for coarse crushing generally refers to materials with large volume and light weight. Whether such materials are stacked or transported, it is not very inconvenient to apply them later. No one is even willing to apply such materials, so it is necessary to apply coarse materials. The shredding type shredder equipment is used for processing to increase the proportion of these materials, so that it is more convenient to use in all subsequent links. Therefore, the larger and lighter ones are thin and light iron materials, such as color steel tiles, worn-out bicycles, household appliances shells, car shells and other metal products that are eliminated in life. These are all thin and light irons. All materials can be coarsely crushed using a metal shredder. For example, heavy steel plates can only be processed by gantry shears or tiger-head shears. There is no way to shred such materials.

Shredder blade

The metal shredder can only shred light and thin metal materials, so can it shred other light and thin materials? This is possible, as long as it is a material that meets the model specifications of the shredder equipment, whether it is metal or not, it can be shredded by such a shredder. The effect of the treatment is the same as that of the metal material. , But because of the different materials, there may be a certain difference in production volume, but normal production is possible.
so, the metal shredder equipment can not only shred light and thin steel waste, but also shred light and thin materials of other materials.

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