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The car shredder is mainly composed of electrical parts and mechanical parts. The electrical part includes: motor and electric cabinet; the mechanical part includes: reducer, frame, rotor, bearing box, etc.
The main principle of car shredder:
The metal material is fed into the shredding cavity from the feeding port through the conveyor belt; the motor drives the rotor through the industrial gear box; the meshing rotors are torn, squeezed, and bitten to shred the material into small pieces; reaching the required size for secondary processing , Or auxiliary equipment for convenient storage and transportation.
It is suitable for crushing used car shells, used bicycles, used motorcycles, car cabs, car doors, file cabinets, car sheet metal, safes, car slots, car bumpers, water tanks, scrap steel, steel furniture and various scraps metal. The output size can be adjusted according to user requirements.

The scrap car shredder is a large metal crusher produced by our company. The machine mainly deals with the crushing processing of scrap car shells, engine shell crushing processing, and scrap steel crushing processing. In terms of equipment configuration, the machine is mainly composed of: spindle, disc, Composed of pin shaft and hammer head. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing cavity of the car crusher. The material is fed into the car crusher from the upper feeding port, and is processed into flake or spherical metal particles by the impact, impact, shearing, and grinding action of the high-speed moving hammer for the converter steelmaking of the steel plant.

car shredder

shanghai qizheng car shredder manufacturers fully rely on strong scientific and technological strength, further combine market needs, continuously improve product quality and technological content, expand the market, and at the same time, further strengthen horizontal alliances, achieve complementary advantages, and develop new products with great market potential. To continuously meet customer needs.

qizheng car shredder manufacturers mainly produce can crushers, metal crushers, bicycle crushers, briquette crushers, scrap steel crushers, metal shredders, multi-function shredders, tire shredders and other equipment to create wealth for the society. create value for customers.

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